Gas Cylinder Requalification
Gas Cylinder Safety Testing Requalification
Gas bottle cylinder refurbishment process Birmingham Dudley West Midlands UK
Gas cylinder with thermally applied zinc
Gas bottle testing and refurbishment Birmingham Dudley West Midlands
Thermally applied zinc extends the longevity of the cylinder allowing a further 15 years service.
South Staffs Industries actively participates in the Technical committees of the Liquid Gas UK association. As such we are technically proficient to understand and meets the needs of demanding and ever changing legislation.
South Staffs Industries offers a full refurbishment service, which includes shotblasting, thermal metal spraying and powder coating.
Thermally applied zinc extends the longevity of the cylinder, which allows it to continue in service for a further 15 years. The anti corrosive properties of zinc allows the zinc to corrode, instead of the cylinder thus prolonging the life of the cylinder.
South Staffs Industries operates under the Environmental Protection Act and is licensed to shotblast, zinc spray and powder coat low pressure gas cylinders.