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Gas Cylinder UKAS UKLPG Accreditations
Gas Cylinder UKAS UKLPG Accreditations
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Research and Development
As South Staffs Industries Ltd begins the transition to Net Zero, we are embarking upon an ambitious programme to re-invent our process by undertaking substantial Research and Development with the aim of reducing our carbon footprint by moving towards a more environmentally and sustainable process in line with Government policy. We therefore continue with the development of ambitious R and D projects to technologically improve our existing processes and aim to reduce our carbon footprint and deliver greater environmental sustainability. These projects we are presently working on include:
1. Automating the refurbishment and ancillary processes for all shapes, sizes, and materials of construction used in cylinders and necessary for their requalification and recertification;
2. The development of processes for the recovery and storage of surplus and waste Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG);
3. The development of an Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) fuelled Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plant within our process.