Gas Cylinder Requalification
Gas Cylinder Safety Testing Requalification
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Low Pressure Gas Cylinder Requalification
South Staffs Industries repair, refurbish and requalify low pressure propane and butane cylinders to BS EN 1440 (2020) and ammonia, nitrogen and refrigerant gas cylinders to BS EN ISO 10460 (2018). We are approved by UKAS and have the facilities to requalify cylinders up to 50 Bar.
South Staffs Industries are an approved body for the periodic inspection of transportable pressure receptacles under CDGTPER 2007 Regulations 77 & 79, module 1. Identification number 1763. (Welded steel cylinders to BS EN ISO 10460 (2018).
South Staffs Industries are also an inspection approved body for the periodic inspection of old transportable pressure receptacles under CDGTPER 2007 Schedule 3, section 5. (Welded aluminium-alloy and carbon/stainless steel cylinders to BS EN 1440 (2020) and BS EN ISO 10460 (2018).
Facilities and Services
South Staffs Industries can provide the following facilities and services:
  • ADR Transportation
  • Gas freeing and full gas recovery (liquid and vapour)
  • Cold work repairs to the Baserings and shrouds of the gas cylinders
  • External shotblast, thermal zinc spray, powder coating to a full range of RAL colours
  • Full requalification to EN1440:2020 and periodic inspection & testing to BS EN ISO 10460 (2018)
  • Full consultancy inspection services to EN1439:2008
  • Destruction of gas cylinders to EN12816:2010
  • Supply of LP Gas Valves to EN13151 and EN13152
Gas bottle cylinder safety, repair, refurbishment, requalification and transportation
Operator Training and Cylinder Inspection
South Staffs Industries Ltd can offer a series of operator training courses either at South Staffs Industries or at the customers premises. All courses can be tailored for either individual or group training.
South Staffs Industries Ltd can provide a detailed and bespoke training programme to ensure all plant operators receive a fundamental understanding of:
  • The acceptance criteria including design codes, tare weights, product identification and test dates
  • Cylinder rejection criteria including potential defects/imperfections, their evaluation and reject limits
  • Causes of physical defects.
  • Correct labelling / control of faulty cylinders
  • Cylinder assessment procedures for periodic inspection to BS EN 1440:2020
  • The criteria rendering cylinders unserviceable (BS EN12816:2010)
South Staffs Industries can also assist with LPG cylinder inspections to ensure compliance with EN1439:2008, so that cylinders can continue to be requalified at 15-year intervals.
Prices on Application
ADR Transportation
The Company operates a fleet of high density Jumbo 13.6 metre gas trailers. These trailers are designed to carry 1,750 x 13kg cylinders or 430 x 47kg cylinders over large distances efficiently and economically. These jumbo trailers are used to transport cylinders between the UK and Northern and Southern Ireland, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.
The Company has authorisation from the DFT under the carriage of dangerous goods and transportable pressure equipment regulations 2007 to move cylinders to and from the Channel Islands.